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Ylang Ylang - Salt Flower - Orchid

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The Babou candle, with its two pompoms, spelled “Baboho” in Malagasy, is an ode to the root that has allowed the Mikea people to survive in a dry forest with its capacity to store large amounts of water and sugar. The tribe keeps its location a secret. The candle’s multicolored tree motif is a celebration of life, of joy, and of the Malagasy artisans’ incredible mastery of color. Add a touch of color to your interior with this scented Babou candle and see its incredible beauty come alive as you light it.


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Inspired by the decadence of a day by the beach, the Babou candle takes you to the pleasures of summer. Its ylang ylang, salt flower, and orchid notes make up a sweet and salty scent that immediately conjures up memories of vacation.

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